Working Godaddy Renewal Coupon – February 2018 (Upto 79% discount)

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Are you looking to save more money on Domains and hosting renewals and searching for Godaddy Renewal coupon codes? You are at the right place, Here we have latest Godaddy Renewal coupons for February 2018 which enables you to save almost 79% on your renewal fees at GoDaddy.com.

Using Godaddy Renewal coupon for February 2018, you can renew your expiring domains, hosting, SSL certificates, domain privacy, etc.. in discount. If you want to buy new Web hosting and want free domain from Godaddy, Check this Godaddy $1 web hosting coupon.

Godaddy Renewal coupon codes – February 2018

Godaddy Renewal Coupon

To be honest their are lots of Godaddy renewal coupon scattered over the web and when you google this term you will find thousands of websites sharing Godaddy Renewal coupon but the truth is only some of them works and maximum of renewal codes of Godaddy seems to be invalid.

Hence it is always better to check the authenticity of the coupon sharing website before using Godaddy coupons from them.

At HostingCodes.net we check every coupon and deal shared on this site and verify it before publishing, Our website system automatically removes all expired coupons and hence you will only find working deals & discount

Does Godaddy renewal Coupon really works?

Off-course Yes! not all the renewal coupon works as sometimes Renewal coupons are specially sent to each user which is unique for them, Hence maximum of Godaddy Renewal coupon doesn’t work and shows invalid but their are few ethical tricks to save on domain and hosting renewals at godaddy and lets see how you can do it. And sadly if godaddy renewal coupon are not working for you, please see renewal coupons FAQ below  in the end of the post to clear your confusion if any.

Studies have shown that almost 65% people switch to different domain register & hosting company at the time of renewal because to save renewal fees and get transfer discount, hence it is always recommended to Buy longer term plan for web hosting and domains like for 2-3 years so you can get initial higher discount and save high renewal fees.

Latest Godaddy Renewal discount Coupon

Below is the list of Godaddy Renewal Coupon codes for domains and hosting. if the codes doesn’t work for you please follow the below instructions.

30% Off Domain Name and Hosting Renewals:Feb 18
85% Discount On Godaddy hostingFeb 18
Save upto 30% On Renewals (New code JAN 18)Feb 18
30% discount on domain renewals and 40% OFF on Hosting, SSL renewals Feb 18
Upto 40% OFF on All renewals at GoDadddyFeb 18
Save 35% Off GoDaddy Domain (Exclusive):Feb 18

Some Tips if Coupon Doesn’t work:

  • Try switching the currency to ‘INR’ on checkout page.
  • After adding the renewal products in cart, logout of your account and wait, in some cases, Godaddy will send you an email with unique renewal code.

Steps to Renew Godaddy Products

If you are newbie or less technically sounded, follow these below steps to renew your products & services on Godaddy successfully, Alternatively you can also view the video below for better understanding.

  1. Log in to your Godaddy Account .
  2. Go to the Renewals tab.
  3. Click on the section containing the items you want to renew (i.e., Expiring Domains or Expiring Products).
  4. Select the domains or products you want to renew, and then select a Renewal Length.
  5. Click Continue and apply renewal coupon code and Complete the checkout process.

How to Renew .COM domain in lesser price @ Godaddy

Here is a simple trick for godaddy domain renewals discount. it doesn’t need any coupons or deal to work.

When renewing your .COM domain, switch the currency of your account to INR ₹ from top left corner on godaddy website.

In INR currency renewals will be charged at ₹700 which equals to $11 approximately. This enables you savings of 27% as if you renew the same domain in USD currency, you will be charged $15 But by using this Godaddy domain renewal trick you are actually saving your hard earned money.

However it is always better to join the exclusive GoDaddy domain discount club which lets you save over 47% on every domain renewal and even huge discount on new domain and web hosting registrations by just joining a special domain club from Godaddy by paying a little annual fees.

Don’t forget to say thanks :p

Why godaddy Renewal coupon are not working?

Every person loves discounts for purchasing any product & service and this is the reason many people search for coupon codes on the internet. but what if the coupon doesn’t work? This is quite annoying and frustrating because its the truth that many Godaddy promo codes doesn’t work , In this article we will discuss why godaddy renewal coupon doesn’t work.

There are very less official godaddy renewal coupons codes on the internet which are given to many pro bloggers for sharing it with their readers and hence they expire in short period of time because they were exclusively meant for them.

Godaddy gives unique coupons to its loyal users who will to renew domains & hosting but they are not doing hence to keep customers attached to godaddy, they send unique one time coupons to many users in the time for of renewals, but some smart person shares the same coupon virally after using it and hence it don’t work because it has already been used.

Some of Godaddy promo codes are limited to some countries or only for some currencies, hence sometimes you need to do additional tweaks like try to change currency to INR or USD to get renewal coupon successfully applied.

You can renew some of the domains even after expiration. Like .Com .net, org, extensions allow you to even renew after expiration dates as Godaddy will hold that domain name for certain grace period without any penalty but after the grace period end you must pay some redemption fees + renewal fees to save your domain. hence it is always better to renew your domain at least 30 days before expiration to be on safer side.

Contacting Godaddy Customer Care:

If you face any issues while renewing your services or you are confused between coupons & prices on renewal cart, then you can always call Godaddy anytime and get detailed help from their award winning customer care. Here we have listed some ways to contact Godaddy.

Godady helpline numbers:

  • India: 040 4918 7600
  • United States: +1 480 505 8877 (24/7)
  • Singapore:  +65 6349 4240 (24/7 Support)
  • Australia: +61 3 8820 5819 (24/7 Melbourne)
  • Untied Kingdom: +44 20 7084 1810 (London)
  • Malaysia: +60 15 4877 0207 (27/7 countrywide)
  • France: +33 9 75 18 70 39.

While calling Godaddy , Make sure you provide them your customer number and 4 digit support pin which can be viewed in your account page.

However you can always contact Godaddy via email or by logging into your account.


Your turn

We have shared all the latest working Godaddy Renewal coupon for December 2017 which enables you to save extra bucks on renewing products at Godaddy. We have also explained whole renewal coupon process at godaddy and why sometimes discount don\t get apply.

If you like our hosting coupons codes & the way we share it, Appreciate us by sharing this post with your friends on social networks and spread the love. See you in the next post till then take care.

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